This is a series of editorial illustration for "Murder Just Because", a review of
an interview with a murderer who is given a life sentence. The illustration gives only
the subtle hints to the article, and the reader has to finish the article to find out
what the illustration is really portraying.
Acrylic, acrylic medium, and oil on three 8" x 10" wood panel
Grasping the ungraspable. The murderer appeals to his interviewer that he is a good man
and that he is innocent through a phone call. The interviewer is not convinced. 
Earlier it was unclear what happened to the victims at the resort in California. 
It later turned out that they were drowned. Water ripple forms in a pool but not there is no clue of what just sank.
The ship the murderer stole, sinking in what appears like a sea of wooden scraps.
It is the mental status of the convict and the foreshadowing of his predetermined end.   
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