I'm Honee. I am a Korean American freelance illustrator and designer for children's books who currently lives in Cambridge, UK. I graduated from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York with a BFA in Communications Design—Illustration with a minor in Art History. I have previously worked as a children’s book designer at HarperCollins Publishers and as a freelance illustrator and designer at various nonprofit organizations. 

I find great joy in exploring topics that shine a light on two extremes: either field-specific subject matters or those so ordinary that people often overlook. I love studying emotions, gestures, and moods and you can find all of them in all my works. I have an exceptional love for nonfiction books that helps readers understand the historical, cultural, and social aspects of the world. 

When I am not making art, I spend my time reading, knitting, crafting, and traveling(not so much now for the time being!).

I am always looking for new projects and creative opportunities so feel free to contact me at hello@honeejang.com.

2016 Creative Quarterly 43: Fine Art-Professional Winner
2015 American Illustration 34: Chosen Winner
2015 3X3 Illustration Shows No.2: Honorable Mention 
2016 BFP Landscapes / Brooklyn, NY
2015 Pratt Design Show / Brooklyn, NY
2014 Euro Lounge at Pa-Nash Exhibition / Queens, NY
2014 Ouchi Gallery 100 Artists Show / Brooklyn, NY
2014 Pratt Foundation Scholarship Show / Brooklyn, NY
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